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Get to know the mTouch

With the mTouch at your command
the possibilities are endless!


Gesture Recognition

Gesture recognition enables users to interact with virtual objects in an innovative and natural way without any mechanical devices. Using gesture recognition, your fingers becomes the cursor in which you can rotate, drag and scale objects.


Energy Efficient

The mTouch uses LED lighting to recognize your touch inputs as well as to provide a rich clean light source for the LCD display. Our LED lights last approximately 50,000 hours giving your mTouch many years of operation without maintenance.


Our technology uses Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) as opposed to many of our competitors which use a projector as their display. Not only does LCD produce a richer display but it lasts for many years where projectors require bulb replacement only after 2000 to 4000 hours.


Access your world from the mTouch through a large range of social and media sharing technologies. Allow users to share your company’s products and services via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and many more. The mTouch also supports multiple forms of traditional media connectivity such as USB, SD, Compact Flash, Bluetooth and Wi-fi.



The mTouch table works with a broad range of media. You can browse the internet, upload and manipulate photos, play videos, read magazines, explore maps, play games, and use interactive applications which showcase your company’s products and services.
And Much More...

Transfer Media To Your Phone

mTouch allows clients and visitors to place their phone on the mTouch and drag virtual objects into the phone, providing a paperless and innovative way to communicate and deliver your companies information (listings, brochures, directions, menus, etc).


Multi Touch App Store

The mStore provides continued upgradability and scalability by allowing users to download fresh new applications and features into their table. The mStore also allows the mtouch to deliver further industry specific applications down the road. Whether the mTouch is for a hotel/motel, corporate lobby, restaurant, bar, or general waiting room, the mStore has an application for it.


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